MicroTiles and QR Codes at SEG 2011

If you attended the SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) Annual Meeting this week in San Antonio, you might have noticed a couple of cool MicroTile animations at the ION Geophysical booth. This was an exciting project to work on in terms of its potential to create some compelling motionography that leverages the capabilities and flexibility of the Christie MicroTile format.

For the ION booth, the MicroTile was configured in a 8 x 6 tile configuration. This enabled for a very salient display that helped showcase, clearly and passionately, ION's new brand standards initiative. Also due to the matrix configuration of the tiles, Axiom was able to explore some Trompe-l'œil techniques with the MicroTile format and the individual seams of each tile panel.

To coincide with the event and brand refresh, Axiom also developed a series of animated QR Code screensavers that would enable attendees with smart phones and/or tablets to scan the animated QR Code photo mosaic and direct them to ION's new corporate website. The take away here is the novel integration and synthesis of contemporary tradeshow display animation, physical hard-linking of URLs, and mobile interaction to facilitate real time engagement of audience members.

Check out the animations below.

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