A View To Slide For

One of the interesting curiosities about Axiom's new offices within the historic Fire Station No. 6 in Houston's Sixth Ward is whether the fire pole is operational.

Well, first off, it wouldn't be a fire station without one. That's part of maintaining the character of the building, even if it's no longer used as the home of the “Rough and Ready” volunteer firefighters of the late 19th-early 20th century.

Aside from the obvious, the fire pole might as well be a lightning rod of conversation. There are actually two brass poles that stand among a series of eight pillars on the ground, but the fire pole goes through the first floor and connects to the ceiling of the second floor. Before Axiom employees moved into Fire Station No. 6 in late February, anticipation grew over who would slide down the fire pole as a direct route from upstairs.

Photographer Pete Lacker snapped many a shot throughout the building's interior and exterior, then eventually assembled the Axiom staff together on the second floor for individual and group photos.

The group shots were inspired most by (you guessed it) the fire pole. Tom Hair took hold of it -- even had his legs dangling through the circular opening at one point -- and amid whispers of “Jump! Jump! Do Batman and Robin proud!” everyone was in Lacker's frame for an instant. That's all it took for the camera shutter to capture the faces of Axiom that are seen on our main Facebook page. (If you “like” us, click here.)

But creative energy works in mysterious ways, as do camera angles near fire poles. Lacker descended (via stairs) to the first floor, underneath the fire pole hole. The Axiom staff joined Hair in looking through the opening with winning smiles.

Lacker snapped the shot, and to be sure, things are indeed looking up for Axiom going forward at Fire Station No. 6.

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