Ringers Gloves: Digital Strategy

See how Axiom transformed Ringers Gloves' digital identity in this comprehensive branding campaign.  

Some projects only have single elements – websites, brochures, or one-off videos. These projects are great, but we most enjoy designing and executing complete campaigns; the kind that combine digital strategy and marketing strategy to achieve maximum results and increase ROI. And, we had the opportunity to do just that: planning and executing an integrated campaign for Ringers Gloves. 

Axiom recently launched Ringers Gloves’ integrated marketing and digital strategy. This campaign is comprehensive, involving multiple ways to reach our target audiences:

This campaign is ongoing, but you can see the effects of the Digital Strategy below!

Digital Advertising

Marketing Website

E-Commerce Site


HubSpot Inbound Marketing Platform

There’s a lot of moving parts to this campaign, and to optimize each form of communication, Axiom is leveraging HubSpot, an Inbound Marketing Platform, to measure and improve our marketing efforts throughout our engagement. 

Website Landing Pages

Using HubSpot, we created Landing Pages with a content offer for a free Ringers brochure. The result: a powerful lead-generation tool that also provides educational content to convert audiences. 

F3 Technology™ Module


Social Media

Email Marketing

Video Marketing

Traditional Advertising

PowerPoint Presentation


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