The Big Pictures of Fire Station No. 6

When "creative energy" meets "Rough and Ready," the endearing nickname of the early 20th-century crew of Fire Station No. 6, the resultant atmosphere blends past with present, and the spirit of getting the job done continues to resonate.
Today, Axiom enters another historic space where "creative energy" evolves. Within the landmark Fire Station No. 6 at 1702 Washington Ave. (est. 1903), 10-foot-by-12-foot images of 1920s Houston firefighters provide everyday inspiration to employees. Visitors cannot help but to recognize the history presented on the walls as they walk through the building.

Axiom's previous location was the landmark TriBeca Lofts (a.k.a. the Clarke & Courts building, est. 1936) at 1210 West Clay, an art deco structure where Tom Hair cultivated his "creative energy" philosophy since 1998.  Hair purchased FS6 in 2005 and devoted considerable time and resources to achieving its restoration.
The mural-size images of the original firefighting crew have been placed on the walls as a tribute to the "Rough and Ready" bunch. See more of them below. VCI (Visual Communications and Imaging Group) did the installation at the recently renovated historic space.

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