Who Got Game? ‘Discover Cameron’ for iPad rocks

“Discover Cameron” has evolved in a way that is cutting-edge, effective and fun for everyone.

The “Discover Cameron” game for iPad was unveiled during OTC from April 30 to May 3, another incarnation of the popular campaign for the Houston-based company.

A generation or two back in the day, when pinball machines were all the rage, physically manipulating the pinball by lifting or shaking the machine would cause the game to go into “tilt” mode. That meant points could no longer be scored, the flippers went dead, and the machine would not reset until the ball would make its way to a hole at the bottom and a new ball was cued up to resume play.

The “gaming” baton has since passed from pinball to video games, with increasing sophistication. Nintendo's Wii made movement in video games so cool that physical therapists use it as part of treating patients. Fast-forward to the iPad, a device through which Axiom and Cameron have collaborated to produce a game that features moving a red ball about the screen toward “docks” for points. The game ends when a player has successfully docked the ball at all nine Cameron's market segments.

And yes, tilting the iPad is not just part of the game, it's essential. (Just don't drop it). Players have two minutes to complete the Cameron journey; the sooner you finish, the higher the score. And like the arcade, high scores are listed at the end of the game.

If you have what it takes, the "Discover Cameron" game is a fun challenge while getting to know the company.

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